Just got back from the big parade!

Guess where i just got back from? The big parade just came into town and guess who just won a free ticket in the local raffle? I think you know that it was me who won the free ticket and that where i just got back from was The Big Parade! everything I dreamed at since I was teeny boy was finally coming real and it was a True Champion's honor to experience this once in a lifetime annual event in person instead of using grandpop's old radio to listen to big parade like on every other year. he's not with us anymore so this is last memory i have of him but i don't need it anymore since i have more valuable new memories such as memories i made at big parade.

Like you'd expect, all the regulars were there and there were even some new surprises thrown in such as bigger Horse Machine and even new Jumanji sneak peekaboo that reveal some of the upcoming secrets (I won't spoil them already but needless to say, there might be two or maybe 3 robin wilam). There are really just so much to get through and my head spinning by the end, but fortunely I took notes on my bookberry to make online report. Luckily it didn't rain or else my bookberry wouldve gone bad or maybe even it could've exploded.

12:00 - I got into The Main Square around 12 or 3:45 and parked across the street from Jimmy's where they had the annual Big Sale on Small Balloons that I've only heard about it but never read about in major magazines for some reason? Anyway, Jimmy was very nice and friendly and I got a horse balloon from him by handing him some money i had in my pocket and then he gave me the balloon. iI wasn't sure if it would be enough but he reassured me that counted the money twice and everything was there that he expected to be there so we shared a laugh about it and i went on my way. i could tell as Jimmy gave me a wink as i left that this was going to be an interesting day!

12:05 - There was a man cutting his lawn on the way up to The Square so I offered to help but he probably didn't hear me because his lawnmower was really loud. I offered to buy him a little quiter lawnmower but he didn't hear that either so finally i just walked away. I understand that some people just want to be left alone but there's really no need to be so rude about it. my day that started off great suddenly seemed like it was all falling apart but luckily i looked down at my horse balloon and laughed so then i felt better about everything. 

12:45 - Where's the parade? I've been walking for about 2 hours and i don't see anything at all. no houses, no trees, no anything. I was about to turn around but then I saw jimmy again and realized i'd just been making left turns the whole time, which jimmy told me will keep bringing you back to the same spot. he seems like a smart man. we had another laugh about it but he didn't find it as funny as i did for some reason. 

1:00 - Ba-da-da-DUMMM!!!! Finally, I make it to big parade but i'm too tired to walk anymore so i grab a slice of fried cheese and i go to go sit down on Weckleman's Bench, which of course was decorated parade style with the long dreadlocks and Our Town Leader on the front. i felt like it was too nice to sit on so i sat on the ground instead and ate my fried cheese. i give the fried cheese an A- because while it was the greatest meal i've ever had i was still a little greasy which i didn't like. i went to go look for some napkins now i had some cheese in my system to give me strength for the upcoming Noblemaen's March.

1:02 - I go up to an old man and wipe my hands on his pants. He winks at me just like Jimmy. Oh well, i guess the parade just does that to people.

1:25 - A lot more people have started showing up! Luckily this is an outdoor parade not an indoor parade or else not everybody would be able to fit. Like me, almost everybody is wearing the standard mustard yellow t-shirts with the big green square on the front to symbolize The Main Square where the parade takes place. One man had a rhombus instead of a sqare so I had to explain to him why a square is not always rhomus but rhomus is always a square. He agreed with me and asked me my name and I abruptly walked away because he has no right to ask me that. I walk to the other side of the square to get away from the weird man and smell the free markers they're handing out.

1:27 - They of course have green and mustard yellow so I choose green and it smells like a baseball dugout. i put it in my pocket to save it for later.

1:45 - First Group Event of the day! There's a large tickle party in The Center which i've only heard stories about it but, look at this, now i'm the one who's telling you the stories! It was fantastic  and the kids go wild wild when I play Mr. Piggly Wiggly and go Oinky Tail with them. I was a newcomer but my dad dad taught me all of the tricks so I felt like a pro the minute i stepped in. I see mr. rhomus at one point and pull him aside and make him smell the marker i have in my pocket. he struggles and tried to get away but he cant get away and all the kids stop and laugh at him while i pin him to the ground and brush his teeth with the marker as he starts to cry. "Still wanna know my name?" I say. he doesn't answer because he has a marker in his mouth. I let him get up and then i introduce myself and we have a good laugh about it but he doesn't find it as funny as i do. we start tickling each other and now he's my best friend.

2:10 - Woo boy! so tickled out at this point that i just grab a spot under the tent and take pony nap with the rest of the kids for about 17 minutes. when i wake up i feel like new man but then i notice all of the kids are gone and look over and see that they're all waddling over to the podium. has Our Town Leader arrived?

2:11 - Yes! Yes, he has arrived!

2:15 - I hurry over quickly and actually find a spot near the medium front! Luckily I'm not the last one over there so i don't suffer the public humiliation of Last Man's Regret. Lets just say that when the Last Man did arrive he would not soon forget the smell of markers. Anyway, Town Leader makes his entrence and boy do we go into a frenzy! of course, he has no face so he cant see us winking but he can hear everything and i'm pretty sure he turned his head in my general direction! as everything settles down we can tell from his head movements that it is ready to begin.

2:30 - We all take our positions and begin The Noblemaen's March. As the women see us coming down the street they quickly try and flee but what they don't know is that Our Town Leader has set up nets this year. He is an intelligent Leader and I am glad to have him in control of Our Destiny and  more than pleased to serve him as he serves Our General Spirit. I come across compatible Transfer Subject and the chase begins. As I corner and pin her I realize that she is fiesty Subject, one of my more memorable encounters. She attempt to escape but this lady know that she is bound by the simple Law of Horse Economics. As her weaker Spirit is submerged into mine, I feel the very tickle of Danny Glover himself on the tip of my Receiver!

2:45 - At this point I know that I have successfully committed transfer so i use my marker to mark her forehead with The Noblemaen's Square, of course letting the others know this Subject has already been used. I release her and it's at this point that i look up and see Jimmy, who's in the middle of Transfer himself. He looks up and we lock eyes for a moment. we both have a laugh and this time he seems to find it just as funny as i do.

3:00 - The pictures of The March take about 15 minutes or so to develop but when they do come out great! Whereas she will be trying to repress this memory for the rest of her life, i now have picture that will remind meof memory for rest of my life! Also the face-scanning technology give me all of her identification information in case i ever want to engage in Repeat Transfer. One of my pictures was actually good enough to make in onto town projector, which almost made me tear up for great respect to Our Town Leader and rich public course of our Noblemaen Heritage (with all repect to the Gentlesirs, it is blasphemy for such a Noble event to enjoyed in private).

4:00 - By now all the goofing and the donkeyplay has settled down and us Noblemaen are starting to get tired. We all gather around the projector and they show us a sneak peekaboo of Jumanji 3-D which is documentary about the making of Jumanji in 3-D. lots of rope swings and this time robin wilims has monkey tail? i dont know i've never seen a 3-D or even a 2-D movie so everything was little hard to understand.

5:00 - Well i would call this a great day, friends. i had a tickle party, ate some fried cheese, got a new marker, and met a funny nice old man name Jimmy. It time to go home and take bath then go hit the chat rooms and call it a night. My only regret is that I didn't buy 2 tiny horse balloons. Goodbye and I will be posting pictures of everything on Cobra Infintiy when I get back.

Thank you to bookberry for making this log possible and to Our Town Leader for Big Parade.

Pictures from the event:

Small donkey and baby taking pony nap on the grass
Tiny horse balloon from Jimmy
Our Town Leader in the flesh
The Green Square. Those who oppose it don't know it, so says OTL.
Fried cheese i ate before i ate it
Same horse balloon from jimmy but i wanted to show you what it would look like if I had two.
i don't remeber taking this

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