Jungle Man

I was at whole food picking up birthday baloons for dinner when i hear man over shoulder say "well i'll be a monkey uncle"

a monkey uncle? in my store? you wont beleieve how jacked off and humilated i felt...this ape had to go down hard. so i go up to bigfoot and say "hmmmmmmmm so if your uncle is monkey, then i curious why are coming around to restaurant only of human? i seen what happen when dunston check in, and it not all sunshine castles and candylands. there trees outside...im sure there are plenty of banaanas to pick in there"

just being kind and giving him chance to go back to jungle. but monkeyman seemed not ready for what was about to happen next, he go "what did you say? i cant understand anything youre saying". oh course he can't! monkey have own forest language, and cant understand complexity of street tough like me. maybe he'll understand language of fists better. so i sock him in the jaw, then take out box of nails and start hammering nails into his body. why did i do that? Because he was jerkin me around, and thought i was just out on the town just goin for a stroll. only weak men take stroll: im out in that town with a mission. i have that hammer and nail ready to go at all times in case of these type of nickenpoops. he tested me, and well guess what that wasnt such very good idea now was it Jungle Man.

 I cooked Jungle Man for dinner....he taste pretty goood but i still like the balloons better.

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